Bike accessory advice: Aftermarket seat for FZ1

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Q. I’ve got a FZ1, and I love it but after about three hours of riding the seat becomes very uncomfortable. Can you recommend a good aftermarket seat to allow me to ride for longer periods?

A. Go for a Corbin replacement. They claim their sculpted seat gives proper weight distribution and fits the shape of your body.

Corbin say: “It helps to eliminate hot spots and the centralized pressure you feel from the stock unit. The platform has been neutralized to curb sliding towards the tank under braking which also helps to reduce fatigue.”

You’re looking at about £200 at the current exhange rate from the US. Alternatively, in the UK, is a good place to look. Their seat claims to improve comfort, and they sell gel inserts, too. Prices start at around £230.

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott