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Whether it's a race-spec boot or a simple touring boot for summer rides or commuting, the theory behind making sure it fits is the same.

The golden rule is to make sure you visit a dealer to try on as many pairs from as many different manufacturers as you can find.

Obviously, you'll need to make sure you get the right size. Strictly speaking there should be no need to go up a size from your normal shoes size.

You may find a boot feels slightly tight to begin with, but if it's made from leather bear in mind the material will give a little with age and with use.

If, however, your toes are painfully crunched up, you may be best going up a size.

Also ensure that the fit around the ankle is not too tight ­ it's unlikely that this area will break in much more, owing to the likely existence of hard armour around this area.

Make sure you try the boots on with your normal riding trousers. Different brands have different closure methods ­ zips, Velcro, ratchet straps, etc.

It's important that the boots you buy will fasten comfortably over leather trousers. If they feel uncomfortable initially, after 50 miles they'll be killing your calves.

When it comes to protection, you'll find a number of different boots have hard reinforcements at the calves, shins, ankles and toes.

Toesliders might look racey, but they can also prevent damage to the toe of your boot if you're unlucky enough to have a spill.

The bottom line, as with all kit purchases, is to go for the best you can afford.

Your first pair of boots might not last you a lifetime, but because it's unlikely to be a loose change purchase, you'll want them to last a good few years at least.

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