Vapour blasting, the easy way

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I recently bought a Bultaco Sherpa T, my dream bike. But because it was in quite tatty condition I had the opportunity to add a few personal touches, like paint.

I decided the colourscheme would be what I wanted and not to the original factory spec.

Red and black go well together in my view and I always like the earlier engines with polished cases and black barrel.

I thought I would be able to remove the black engine paint with Nitromores, but was unsuccessful -­ in fact it didn¹t even make a mark.

There was only one man for this job, John at ‘I Cleenz Macheenz!’ (; 0208-766-7164).

He vapour-blasted all the parts for me, and they came up looking like new. Once all the parts had been polished, painted and aquired, I slowly rebuilt it back to its former glory as you can see.

Simon Relph

By Simon Relph

MCN Senior Designer - loves bikes old and new, from building them to riding them on and off road