Best tyres for a Suzuki Hayabusa

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Q. I’ve owned a 2005 Suzuki Hayabusa from new and I’ve been using Michelin Pilot Sport HPXs which were great.

When I was in France in the summer I got a puncture in the rear so I got a Suzuki dealer to fit a new tyre.

I told him what tyre I wanted and we went off for lunch. When we got back it was all done and although I noticed the tread pattern was different I thought it might be due to not being in England.

The next day we were in the Black Forest in Germany on those brilliant roads and the bike was even better, like a ‘proper’ sports bike. It was then I looked at the tyre and saw it is a Pilot Power 2CT.

Can I or should I fit a 2CT to the front as well?
Stewart Upton, email
A. The 2CT is a newer generation of tyre so it should feel a lot better.

It isn’t an official fitment, but the load and speed rating is the same, and as you¹ve found it gives good performance.

But it won’t last as long as the Pilot Sport HPXs which were designed for bigger, heavier bikes like yours, the Blackbird and the ZX-12R.

If you are going to blast around on the autobahns at 150 the 2CTs will wear a lot quicker.

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott