Tyre advice: Good tyres for light trail use

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Q. I have a 2009 Triumph Tiger 1050, which I am delighted with.

I am well aware it is not a full-blown off-road motorcycle, but I would like to improve the grip on light trail use, without sacrificing the fine road handling.

Can you please make any suggestions?
Neil. Kitchingman, email
The problem you have is that your wheel sizes won¹t let you fit any more knobbly tyres. If you weren¹t running 17 inch wheels I¹d have pointed you at a set of Dunlop Trailmax or Pirelli MT60.

The trouble in this country is our wet, muddy trails really need a lot bigger tread patterns to get grip on the mud and those tyres are often on such a slow speed rating that they¹d be in serious danger of shedding rubber at high speeds.

Though your bike has trail styling it really is a road bike with gravel drive capabilities.

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott