Tyre advice for Triumph Daytona 675

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Q. I’m getting through the rear Pirelli Diablo Super Corsa on my Triumph 675 on my daily commute and I want to switch to a tyre that will give me better mileage and decent levels of grip. I don¹t consider myself to be a mad-for-it racer type, though I have got a couple of track days planned for the summer.
Alex Carter, email

A. The Super Corsa isn¹t a commuting tyre by any stretch of the imagination, and the simplest swap would be to a standard Pirelli Diablo to make it a close match to the Pirelli front. In the last few weeks standard Diablos have come down to £150 a pair in Bikemart, so you can get a deal with any luck. Comparable tyres from other firms are the Dunlop Road Smarts or Michelin Pilot Road Twos.

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott