Tyre advice: Make sure you use the correct size tyre

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Q. I recently bought a 2002 Honda SP2 which has got handling problems.

I don’t know if it’s my inept riding style or the suspension set-up, but the bike doesn’t want to go round corners. You have to pull it over with gusto to get it on its side and it seems to ride in corners with handling that feels generally very heavy.

It is currently shod with Metzeler MEZ3 190/70 x 17 on the rear and a 120/70 17 front. It has also had some work done to front suspension with a revalve and heavier springs to suit a 15 stone rider, I’m slightly lighter at 14 stone.

David Welch, e-mail

A. That wayward handling is simply explained – the rear tyre is the wrong size.

You should be running a 190/50 17, or you can go for a 180/55 x 17 and they should be a matched pair on a high performance bike like the SP2.

If you want it to roll into corners a fraction quicker a 15 pound spacer that goes on the top of the shock may also help..

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Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs