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Q. My helmet is really noisy, a friend suggested that I get a helmet skirt to reduce the wind noise. Will this help? If not can you suggest a very quiet helmet? I don’t want to spend more than £200.
Ray, via email

A. While a helmet skirt might well reduce the wind noise, there are a few other places you should look before resorting to this option. Initially, make sure you’re wearing earplugs. You may have to experiement with different makes and models to find those that suit your ear best. Also look at your bike’s screen.

Experiment with different riding positions to see if these have an effect on the amount of wind noise you’re hearing. An aftermarket screen might help, as the majority of noise you hear on a bike is as a result of turbulence from the edge of the screen. Chin curtains ARE available, but you may look like a div. As such, I’d say it’s a last resort only.

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott