Clothing advice : A jacket for riding on route 66

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Q. I'm going to ride route 66 this summer. Can you suggest a suitable leather jacket for this? Because of the range of temperatures I'll be riding though I've been told that a textile suit would be better, but I don't want to ride down this iconic road dressed like an extra from a Long Way Down.
Jeff, via email.

A. I'd suggest you take a vented armoured textile jacket. I rode in one (a Bering Tornado) for a week in Malaysia, and it was perfect for the always hot, ocassionally humid and sometimes rainy climate. This, allied to the light waterproof cagoule that¹s included in the price (and is easily stashed under your seat or in its own little back pocket) means you'll be ready for anything. You certainly won't want a bulky all-weather jacket with you all the time.

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott