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Q. I am looking to buy a second hand Honda RVF400 from a dealer but it does not have the original end can with it. The exhaust has BSAU 193T2 stamped on the side which he seemed to think would see it through its MOT.

However after speaking to my regular garage the mechanic said it doesn’t matter what is stamped on the side if the exhaust is too loud it wouldn’t pass an MOT.

The exhaust is definitely louder than standard, but it is not as loud as most aftermarket cans that I have heard. What are your recommendations I know that tracking down standard exhausts for these bikes can be quite hard as I used to own a VFR 400.
Michael Evans, e-mail

A. AS the bike has a BSAU 193T2 stamp on it, it will be fine. However, the MOT requirements in respect of exhaust markings did change in May last
year, when the requirement for BS or EU-marking on the exhaust silencer was removed.

The tester is required to check the exhaust for security,
deterioration and completeness, and with the engine running they will
assess the silencer's effectiveness in  reducing as far as is reasonable the noise emitted.

If the MOT Inspector then thinks the condition or type of exhaust is such that the  noise emitted is clearly in excess of a standard silencer in average condition, or he finds some  unacceptable markings such as track use only or not for road use, then the bike will fail.

If you wish to appeal against a refusal to issue a test certificate, then you should ask the tester for an appeal form (VT17) which you would send to the local VOSA office with the required fee no later than 14 working days after the test.

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