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Q. I ride a Honda CB1000 Big One, its rear tyre is a 170/60 x 18 and I’m struggling to get a tyre to fit it apart from Dunlop’s D202. Dunlop produced two other models, but have discontinued those, as have Bridgestone with the BT54.
Gareth Moss, Hebden Bridge

A. Rather than scrabble around fitting mismatched tyres, why not change the wheels? We’ve heard of several readers who’ve slotted in CBR1000 wheels from the same year without too many problems. Make sure you’ve got all the spindles and spacers as you have to change the length of the spacers for the front wheel so they will need machining down. You’ll need to adjust the suspension to suit, but it will widen your choice of tyres considerably.

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Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs