Ped finds the perfect exhausts for his XLV750R

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Alldens exhausts (01673-862286) are based less than 60 miles from where I live.

They’re a business specialising in custom motorcycle exhausts. I discovered them through some work they’d done with our sister title Classic Bike.

Essentially a one-man operation, the owner Dennis can make anything from a simple CBR link pipe to an entire exhaust for a 750/4, including the silencers!

Sharing a workshop with an industrial pipe bending firm, Dennis has the bending technology on-hand to tackle almost any job.

On the day I arrive with the XLV he’s measuring up an exhaust for a 900 Hornet turbo. Although he can work with a supplied pattern, Dennis prefers to measure directly off the bike he’s making the pipe for.

It works out cheaper for the customer as a jig doesn’t need to be made and it also cuts out any measuring mistakes.

If the Market Rasen (Lincs) workshop is too far or you can’t leave the bike with them for a couple of days the best method of making a pattern is to use easily bendable 15mm copper plumbing pipe and super glue any joints together.

Don’t do as one customer did and send a bent coat hanger through the post.

I’ve always loved the sound of Supertrapp silencers ( ever since I bought an enduro-spec Suzuki DR350 with one fitted.

They produce a deep, guttural thud without being too loud.

The other benefit is that they come with a set of discs that you can use to ‘tune’ the pipe.

Inserting more discs reduces the pressure and increases the noise. The closed alloy end cap also gives them a neat ‘engineered’ look.

If you don’t like the plain alloy caps they also do anodised and machined options.

The 13inch universal brushed alloy silencers for the XLV come with weld on brackets, eight discs per silencer and a stainless clamp for each silencer.

Dennis takes just a day to turn a length of stainless tube into two bespoke pipes, laser-cut the stainless flanges, weld the brackets on the silencers and fit the whole lot to the bike.

The price, not including the silencers, is £300.

Considering the amount of skill, knowledge and effort that’s a bloody bargain. The bike now has a red blooded, thumping V-twin soundtrack to go with its brash 80’s styling.

Ped Baker

By Ped Baker

Former MCN Managing Editor (Digital & Events)