Luggage review: Oxford Deluxe Tailpack

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Oxford Deluxe Tailpack £89.99 (£80.99 in MCN shop)
Miles covered/time:
4200/three months

What’s good? This fits easily and securely onto the back of my Streetfighter, but I have to make sure I pull it back as far as possible to the rear of the bike to give me room to move around in the seat.

If not, I’m uncomfortably hemmed in and can’t move in the corners. All my clothes go in here, rolled up in a plastic bag to stop them getting creased, together with toiletries, duct tape, chain lube, GT-85, tools and a dirty rag in a plastic bag.

The zip, as with all all Oxford bags, has a lifetime guarantee, just in case you do it any damage, even through overpacking!

What’s not? The protective plastic bungee ends fall off too easily, the exposed metal hook left behind can scratch the bike.

Rating: 4/5