Suspension advice: Sorting the shcok to irradicate sliding

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My Suzuki GSX-R750 has just been fitted with a new aftermarket rear shock, but since then it has been spinning its rear tyre under power when riding in the wet.

It’s so bad that I can hardly get on the throttle at all.

The Pirelli is virtually new and Ive had no problem with them in the past. What can I do to sort this out?

Mark Spencer, Pontefract

It sounds like the back end of your bike is sitting up too high and there’s not enough weight over the back.

Measure your old shock from top to bottom and adjust the new one to the same length by turning the ride height adjuster if it has one.

Alternatively, can reduce the pre-load. If the problem is still there, try turning down the compression damping so the bike squats a bit when you open the throttle.

Adjust one click at a time then go and ride to feel the difference.

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott