Tyre advice: Are intermediate tyres worth it?

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Q. I use my Fireblade mainly on the track and was thinking of getting sets of intermediate and wet tyres to go with my 'dry' track rubber.

Would you advise getting the three sets or cut it down to two, inters and dry, or wets and drys?
Bladeboyrr9, forums
A. Intermediate tyres are really only any use if you are desperate to get points in a championship and 'have' to beat your closest rival.

If you're doing track days and it's damp you'd be better to stick to your 'dry' tyres and ease off a bit, then have a set of wets for a sopping day.

Dunlop wets are very sticky, but that means they wear quickly. However Metzeler Racetec wets have good grip and they are durable too.

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