VFR reg/rec fault? It could be your chain

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Q. In a recent issue of MCN in the top ten most reliable motorcycle section relating to the Honda VFR800FI, you mention a rectifier problem.

I have a 1999 VFR800FI and I have noticed for some time now that as I move off in first gear I can hear what sounds like the contacts in a relay chattering very fast.

Sometimes riding along at low revs I also think I can hear this, though it is difficult to tell for sure.

Is this a sign of this rectifier problem? Or is this another problem and if so, any ideas what is causing this?
Kenny Anderson, email
A. The regulator/rectifier on the VFR800FI is a solid-state component, so it could not make a mechanical noise and therefore the noise must be coming from elsewhere.

I would start my investigations at the chain and look for tight spots, dryness or it simply being worn out.

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