Product advice: How to get better Busa bulbs

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I have a 1999 Suzuki Hayabusa and I wanted better lighting, so I changed the bulbs for 100 watt. The main beam is now less than useless no matter how I adjust it. It is just a diffused light with no beam at all? What have I done wrong?
Chris Stevenson, email 
Putting a 100w bulb in means it could be drawing too much current for the reserve in the charging system so it’s not getting as bright as it should be. A High Intensity Discharge (HID) system could be the answer as they give more light, but there is a legal implication, in that HID-equipped cars are equipped with self-levelling set-ups as there are concerns about dazzling other road users. Also a lens for an H4 bulb, like you had originally, may not be perfect for the HID, so the beam pattern could play up again.

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott