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Q. I intend replacing my tyres in the next few weeks and would appreciate some advice.

The tyres fitted are Continentals, which came with the bike when I bought it; but I don't feel confident with these after experiencing a two-wheel slide when cornering at speed.

I like to ride fast when cornering, with most of my riding being on dry roads. I only ride in the wet when caught out by the weather.

I need tyres that will provide sufficient grip when leant over and inspire confidence.

I considered the Dunlop Qualifier RR, but would appreciate your advice.
Dave Hughes, email
A. The RRs are really good tyres and they may be on offer around the place as the new generation of Dunlop tyres come on stream.

The RR’s replacements are the Sportsmarts and they are at least as good as the RRs with the added benefit of a wider operating range in terms of temperature and wet weather.

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