Best tyres for a Yamaha Fazer 600

Q. I have a 2003 Yamaha Fazer 600 with only 3900 miles on the clock, which I bought 18 months ago.

It has a Dunlop Sportmax 160/60 x 17 on the rear and a 110/70 x 17 on the front. What would be the direct replacement?
Roy Hassell, email
A. Sportmax identifies the tyre as a Dunlop radial tyre, much as Battlax does for Bridgestone's range, Pilot does for Michelins and Diablo does for Pirelli.

There is another name or number that follows Sportmax, e.g. D207, Qualifier, etc. Without knowing exactly what you're running, we'd say the best Dunlop tyre for all-round use on the Fazer is the RoadSmart.

It has more than enough performance even for hard riding on the road on a bike like this. It also gives great wet grip, feedback and tread life.

Other tyres in the same class are the Avon Storm, Bridgestone BT023, Metzeler Z6 Interact, Michelin Pilot Road 2, Pirelli Angel ST and Continental Road Attack 2.