My speedo can't cope with my turbo!

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Q. About one year ago I fitted a nice little turbo to my first generation Suzuki 1200 Bandit.

Now, I’ve covered about 7000 miles (3000 of them in 10 days around France, Andorra, Spain and Portugal) up to now and have just broken the first thing on my bike… the speedo!

Do you know where I can get it re-built with the gearing changed to take more mph? If I fit another standard one, it will only break again.
Bill Parnham, email
A. There are aftermarket speedos out there like the Highway Hawk that use clip-on magnets mounted onto the wheel rim with a sensor on the front fork, going to a digital display.

But they are mainly for the custom boys and tricky to set up and calibrate. There are also firms out there who recalibrate kph speedos to read in mph.

If you were to fit one of their gearing devices to your mph speedo, then got a kph facia from a used European-market Bandit, changing the markings from kph to mph and you’d have the slack to go to 280mph.

Cartek in Southampton convert bike and car speedos and may be able to help. Call them on 02380-637600.



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