Best all-round tyres for Triumph Street Triple R

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Q. I have a Triumph Street Triple R, I’m 43 and passed my Direct Access two and a half years ago.

I ride back lanes for fun and do the odd trip to the coast and back, but my current tyres feel like I have a puncture or there’s diesel on the road when it’s wet.

I’ve been reading loads about different tyres. The New Dunlop Sportsmart sounds good but, and so does the new Michelin Power Pure 2ct or even the new Bridgestone BT23s.

I’d like a tyre which has very good grip dry or good wet, warms up quickly, good feedback (no surprises) and isn’t too hard as I feel the bumps.
Richard Packer, MCN forums
Time to take a look in the mirror Richard and consider whether at this time in your biking life you should be using sports touring tyres instead of sports tyres like the Sportsmarts.

The sport touring BT23s will fit the bill, with better wet grip than pure sports tyres and excellent mileage too. The same goes for the Dunlop Roadsmarts or the Metzeler Sportec Interact M5s.