Can I do a track day if I don’t wear leather?

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Q. I'd love my girlfriend to do a track day or race school day to get some more experience of cornering, but she's a strict vegetarian and won't wear leather at all.

Do you know any race schools or track day organisers that would allow her on track wearing textile clothing?
Gary Hall, email

A. There are no specific legal requirements or regulations applying to track days, so leathers are not obligatory. But Health and Safety rules apply and organisers are the final arbiters.

In your girlfriend’s case she should look at getting a one-piece Kevlar racing suit. They have been approved by the ACU and are popular with the sidecar boys, 125 racers and speedway riders too.

GTS in Telford (01952-684394) manufactures made-to-measure suits that start at £600, with a 12-week delivery time.

Focused Events are one track day organiser that will accept riders wearing one-piece Kevlar suits, not those with a mix of textile and Kevlar.

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