Product advice: Are 190- and 200-section tyres interchangeable?

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The Suzuki B-King comes with a 200-section rear tyre profile but it can apparently take a 190-section tyre. Can someone explain this to me? If a 190 is used will the profile be less sharp?
Forklift, MCN tyre forum 
Bridgestone’s technical department have the answer to this one: “When tyre companies make tyres we can legally make them +/- 4% of their actual badged size. Therefore a 200-section may not actually be 200mm wide; it could be 192mm wide. Or a 190 could be 197mm. This is the reason some companies may offer a 190-section as it could be exactly the same size as the 200 section the bike came with. Assuming the 200 was 200 and the 190 was 190 then what you are saying is correct and you will get to the edge of the tyre sooner, therefore you will have less lean angle to play with. Will the bike turn better? That depends on the crown radius and the actual overall diameters of the two tyres in question. You will need to find the actual tyre dimensions to be able to answer this one.”

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott