What to look out for when changing a Z750 exhaust

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Q. I bought a Kawasaki Z750 brand new last September, although it’s the '07 model it’s on a '58 reg plate.

I’ve been looking at replacing the exhaust, but on inspection of the original can I’ve noticed it appears to be 'wired up'.

There seems to be a cable attached to it, I spoke to a mechanic friend of mine who said it could be an 'active exhaust', he is a car mechanic but with an interest in bikes, so this may only apply to cars but I don’t know.

If I do change the exhaust will these cables need to be re-attached or can it run without?
Russell Doidge, email

A. On the Z750 the exhaust cables can be disconnected without bringing up a fault code on the fuel injection system, but the actuator and wiring should be left in place or a fault will be logged.

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