Product advice: Is my tyre contaminated?

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The rear tyre on my freshly-cleaned ZX-10 let go before I got to the end of my road, sending me and the bike sliding along on our sides. I can only think that the tyre must have had WD-40 or bike cleaner on it which reduced the grip to zero. I wiped the tyre down with a cloth but I’m worried that the rear tyre may have become contaminated and at higher speeds and temperatures the tyre may let go again.
Is there anything I can spray on or do (maybe using a file to wear away some rubber) to get rid of this problem as the tyres only have 1000 miles on them.
Alan Woolridge, MCN forums   
If you did leave a residue of solvent or cleaner on the tyre and if all you did was wipe it down with a cloth after your crash then it’s possible that the compound has become contaminated. What you should have done is wash the tyre with soapy water and rinse it with clean water as soon as the solvent or cleaner came into contact with the tyre.
Filing away the rubber isn’t an option, assuming you know exactly where the contamination is and how deep it went, all you’d end up with is an out-of-round tyre. If it is contaminated your only safe choice is to buy a new tyre.

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott