Tyre advice: Tyres for 18-inch wheels

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Q. I have just bought a 1984 Ducati Pantah 500 and its existing tyres are a pair of very old Metzelers.

With 18-inch wheels front and rear I suspect my choice is limited these days, but whatever I fit I am only interested in good road holding and not longevity.
Patrick Bullard, email
A. Metzeler still offer a tyre in those sizes, the Lasertec while Avon's Road Rider will fit too, although like the Lasertecs, the look of the Avons' tread pattern is more suited to fully-fledged classics from the '60s and before.

he best of the bunch are the Pirelli Sport Demons, they are the sportiest looking tyres and will give you the good road holding you're looking for.

Expect to pay about £140-150 for a pair.

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