Are my wheel bearings shot?

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Fellhopper: My GSX-R750 K2 has just developed a 'droning' noise from the front end (wheel?) it does it in all gears at speed and also with the clutch pulled in 'coasting'. I have just solved one noise with a new chain and sprockets too. Is this 'new' noise a knackered front wheel bearing anybody? Should I drop the wheel out and check the bearings for play? 
jaffa90: Lift the front end up if possible and check the wheel bearing by spinning the wheel and then gripping the top and bottom of it and try to rock it (you may have to remove the brake callipers). Also check for loose brake pads.
MikeRotherham: Lift the bike, carefully, and prise back the piston and pads in the front brake, put the steering on full lock then move the wheel from side to side and feel for any play in the bearing. Spin the wheel and listen/feel for any grating from the bearing. You could also look at the tyre tread for any irregularities like uneven wear, saw tooth effect or lumps.
fellhopper: Many thanks for the replies and advice, I will investigate further.

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