How to check for warped discs

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Q. When I brake quite hard between 80-40mph on my CBR600FS I feel a pulsing up to the brake lever.

I have checked the discs they don't seem to be warped and I have new calipers fitted.
Idford, MCN forums

A. The tolerance that Honda state for run-out on a disc is 0.3m, which is quite a bit and why a few were done under warranty. You’ll be able to feel it at 0.2mm.

That option is gone for you now, but if you checked them using a run-out meter they'll be at fault.

It won't have helped your cause if you are in the habit of holding the front brake on when you come to a stop after a quick ride.

The build up of heat between the discs and pads, while the rest of the disc cools down normally could warp them instantly, so never hold the front on.

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