GSX-R's neutral light disappears

Q. I have owned a Suzuki GSX-R750 K8 for 13 months. Two months into owning the bike it developed problems with the gear and neutral indicator display.

To date the bike has been in and out of my Suzuki dealer seven or eight times without the problem being permanently resolved.

On my nine-mile trip back home from the dealer last time the gear and neutral display disappeared once again after three miles.

I have called and emailed Suzuki customer services several times and it’s the same story: “Take it back to the dealer for a warranty repair.” The sensors have been replaced three times and the rest of the time have been cleaned.

Why should I pay £8200 for a bike that has been in and out of Suzuki many times for the same problem?

Suzuki have now said that as I do not ride long distances the oil is emulsifying causing condensation building up, and therefore a electrical failure in the sensor.
Eddo2, MCN forums
A. I can understand your frustration when you’ve spent thousands on your bike and there’s a recurrent glitch like this.

However, due to the fact that cleaning it brings it back to life, and Suzuki’s comments about emulsifying oil, suggests that you could solve it yourself quite simply.

If you make sure that you get the bike thoroughly warmed up and go for a good, long ride regularly you will burn off any condensation that’s lurking in the crankcase and affecting the sensor.

The fact that I have never been contacted by any other GSX-R owner with this problem, suggests that it’s the nature of the riding you do that is causing the problem.

Yamaha Diversion owners used to report the oil sight glass becoming milky, especially on cold, humid winter commutes, and it’s the sort of riding that you are doing, and not using the full rev-range because you are in commuter traffic, that is most likely causing the problem.