How do sintered brake pads differ from standard?

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BAZX6R: I have just replaced my front brake pads on my J2 Ninja ZX-6R.

I changed them for some EBC double H sintered, they do as I was told ­- stop the bike a lot better and do take some getting used to, but I have noticed a buzzing or humming noise from them when I brake.

It's not loud and the brakes work well but it wasn't there with the stock pads, my bike has only done 11k and the discs are mint.

ranorthe: It's just the pads crossing the venting slots/holes in your disks.

Some pads do it, others don't. My FZS600 makes this noise, but the XJ900 doesn't. I quite like it actually.

BAZX6R: Thanks, a new noise is not a good noise when you don't know what it is but that makes sense.

jaffa90: BAZ, what do you mean by 'getting used to'? Do they grab and give you the feeling that they will lock up the wheel?

AdieR:  You aren't missing any anti-rattle/anti-squeal clips?

fuzzrr: The standard pads were probably not sintered. The double H pads are.

They will give a buzzing sound under braking... It turns into a nice hissing sound in the rain. Quite amusing!  But it's normal.

BAZX6R: When I say getting used to, I mean they stop a lot quicker than the original ones that were on the bike, you just touch the brake and the bike slows a lot sooner, bit like getting on a different bike.

BAZX6R: The new ones do have the anti squeal clips, the original ones didn't, the original ones were not worn down, just when we where at the TT they started to squeal so when I got home I took them out to copper grease the back of the pads.

This was when I noticed they looked very glazed so I thought I would replace them.

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