Chinese 125 carb problems

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Q. I own a Sukida SK125-4 Commissioner (it's Chinese), which if it's not careful is going to be turned into coke cans as it's doing my head in.

The problem is that when I go for a run and its warm it just keeps cutting out at idle speed. So far, I have checked the spark plug and cleaned it, changed the oil and filter, taken the airbox apart as well as adjusting the idle speed as it seemed low.

Should I take the fuel tank off and flush and check fuel lines or is it something else. If I scratch my head anymore I will be completely bald.
Mikey Adamson, MCN forums

A. It sounds like you've got a problem in the carb, probably in the idle/pilot jet circuit which takes care of carburation at low revs.

Remove the carb and take off the float chamber, to inspect the needle and jet and check the float heights are set to the correct level.

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