Can I rethread a sump?

Q. When I changed the oil on my GSX-R750 K2 last time I managed to overtighten the sump plug so I felt the thread giving a bit. I was using a torque wrench too.

I have just changed the oil again today and fine bits of ‘thread’ came out of the sump thread as I removed the plug!

Have I now screwed up the sump or is there a way of re-threading it? I managed to re-fit the sump plug but it was hard to ‘start off” before it finally took and tightened up.

I fear it won’t last for too many more oil changes.
Fellhopper, email

A. You have three choices. The first is to tour the breakers and replace the sump with a good used one, the next is to get your local garage to rethread it with a helicoil.

Lastly, and dependant on the amount of metal around the plug, you could drill out and tap a thread for a sump plug that is larger than the one fitted.



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