Are my R1's stock tyres good for track days?

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Q. I’ve recently bought a 2009 Yamaha R1 which came fitted with Dunlop Sportmax D210 tyres. Could you tell me if they are any good?

I mainly ride on the road, but do the odd track day. I traded in my GSX-R600 for the new R1 and the Suzuki was fitted with Corsa 3s which I thought were a fantastic tyre.

I don’t want to go and spend money on new rubber if the Dunlops can perform.
Leo, email
A. Time to spend some money, Leo. The original equipment D210s won’t suit your riding habits.

It seems that when the Japanese factories are developing tyres to be supplied in bulk for a new model, the spec for the tyre firms errs towards stability and long tyre life at the expense of grip.

But then, replacement rubber of the same make and type is invariably grippier which makes us think the tyre firms develop that tyre further.

Dunlop’s new Sportsmarts would be a much better place to start for your riding habits, or the Metzeler Sporttec M5 Interacts or the new Michelin Power Pure tyres for quick road riding and the odd track day you want to so.

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