Has my alarm killed my R1?

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Q. I put my regularly used 2004 Yamaha R1 away for a night and now it has decided not to fire up.

48 hours after I stopped it the alarm went off for no apparent reason, and after I’d turned the ignition on to reset it, it refused to fire up.

I’ve checked all the fuses and they are OK, but I have noticed that my clock resets to 01.00 every time I switch the ignition off and on again.

There’s plenty of juice in the battery and petrol in the tank too.

I’ve checked all the connectors for water and corrosion but it still won’t start.

If I turn the ignition on it goes through the normal post start-up sequence with the rev needle swinging from redline to zero again.

You can hear the relays clicking under the seat and hear all the normal noises from the valves and injectors.

I’ve also tried a different fob and both keys.
Budfzr, MCN technical forum
A. The problem is most likely to be the power feed to the immobiliser. This has a permanent live Red/Green and a switched live Red/White.

As the clock is re-setting each time the ignition is switched off, I would start at the Back up Fuse, (located under the L/H fairing panel) which supplies the immobiliser on Red/Green.

As to why the fuse has blown in the first place… check the fuse rating for the alarm, if it’s been wired into the backup circuit this could be the reason, or as you said water ingress into the loom/connecters.



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