Troubleshooting: Why won't my 2002 Thunderbird go?

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GCollins: I have a 2002 Triumph Thunderbird with 17,000 miles on it and in good condition. Lately the engine has started to fade and then cut out, this happens after about 30 miles often after a stop and restart, and at any speed. Any ideas about likely causes?

jaffa90: You say it fades but does it make any noises like spitting or backfiring?
triumphrider600: I would think that it is the crank position sensor. These have a tendency to fail when hot as the resistance changes. They will then work again when cool. I know a couple of Triumph owners who have had the same symptoms and I've fixed them with a replacement sensor.

wynner: Just a thought, but next time it happens loosen the fuel tank cap, you may have a blocked breather.

Paul49: If the fault is still there after checking what the other guys have suggested, I would check valve clearances. It is a bit low mileage for that to be the problem but the inlets do close up on that engine.

GCollins: Thanks for the suggestions, I will give them a go.

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Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs