Why are my ZX-6R's lights blowing?

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Q. I own a 2004 Kawasaki ZX-6R. When I go out with my lights on, it blows the stop/tail fuse within a mile or so. If I leave the lights off, I can ride all day with no problems.

I changed the bulbs and looked for any trapped wires without success. What do I do next?
Gavin Fitzgerald, Dunblaine
A. The fuse only blows when the rear light assembly comes on, not just the brake light, so it’s likely there’s a bad earth or short in the rear light assembly.

It’s also possible that an alarm or leads for a battery top-up charger can be the culprit, or even a lock stored under the seat can pinch the wiring. Get the wiring diagram and follow the rear light circuit carefully

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