Best tyres for a Triumph America

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Q. I don't have much confidence in the tyres fitted to my 2007 Triumph America. They are a fairly new Metzeler Lazertec front and Marathon rear.

The front tracks any road imperfection and the rear slides really easily in the wet. I am an experienced motorcyclist aged 50 and ride smoothly but fastish.

Grip and stability is more important to me than wear rates – could you suggest a tyre pairing to suit please?
JS Lee, email
A. The Metzeler tyre is the OE rubber for this bike, but if you are looking for something new than you could try some from the Pirelli range, front: Sport Demon; rear: Night Dragon.

The Night Dragon is a new tyre with more of a performance bias. The tyre pressures are fixed by Triumph as the manufacturer and if you go too low with the recommended pressure you could reduce the mileage of the tyres.

Bear in mind a big torquey engine like that will easily spin the rear in the wet at the best of times...

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