Why is my 2007 R1 ticking?

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Q. I have a 2007 R1 with just over 7000 miles on it. I noticed that there was a ticking noise coming from the right hand side of the bike and so took it to a dealer who thought there was no problem.

I rode the bike for around another week and noticed that the bike was chugging when starting off and sounded like it was misfiring. So I then took it back to the dealer I bought it from and he said it seems like the bike has a valve gone in it.

I have never used the bike for track days or ridden it hard, I use it for commuting to and from work mainly.

Have you heard of this happening before? And do you know if there were ever any recalls on this?
Patrick O’Brien, email

A. Bent valves are rare these days, even with the stratospheric redlines of today’s engines, because modern bikes also have complex ignition systems that introduce rev-limiters in plenty of time.

There have not been any recalls on this matter. But if the bike has been over revved, (probably going down the box rather than up as the rev limiter doesn’t work when the rear wheel is driving the engine), then the dealer needs to check the other cylinders’ valves as it’s unlikely that it’s only the one valve gone.Q.