Best road tyres for a BMW R1200GS

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I have recently purchased a 2010 R1200GS which was fitted with Conti Trail Attacks from new. They are very grippy and confidence inspiring but the rear seems to be wearing out at an alarming rate after a 3500-mile tour around Scotland. I am based in Jersey, so the total mileage so far includes the running–in miles, trip up and through England on motorways and the tour around Scotland. I admit to giving the bike a good blast on the Isle of Skye, but other than that the majority of miles have been what I regard as normal every day road riding.
Could you recommend a tyre that would be grippy, both in dry and wet conditions but would also give decent wear. I only do road riding, no off road at all.
Geoff Stewart, email 

Dunlop have sold loads of their RoadSmart sports-touring tyre for GS BMWs with 110/80 x 19 and 150/70 x 17 sizes. You could also look at the Metzeler Tourance range. The  EXP is definitely biased towards the road rider, while the standard Tourance will cope with gravel for riders who want to treat the bike like a big enduro machine. Pirelli have the Scorpion Trail, and the new Bridgestone BT-023 has been approved for use on the rear of the bike, and gives good mileage.

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