Can I remove my Z750's stock exhaust valve?

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Q. I really need to make my 2007 Kawasaki Z750 louder as they hear my son’s GSX-R coming, but not me following. So I’m looking at a replacement can, but what’s to be done with the device fitted to the OE can?

It’s got two cables running to it, and I’m worried it will affect the performance. I’m already struggling to give my Gixerboy a run for his money!
Dave Mansfield, Whitton

A. The “device” is an exhaust valve, but it’s there to help your bike get through the stringent Euro 3 emissions regulations, not boost performance so it can be removed safely.

When you take the original can off, follow the cables up under the right sidepanel and unhook them from the servo motor there. Don’t bin them or the silencer as it’s always better to have the standard can on for your MoT.

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