How can I improve my Speed Triple’s rear brake?

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Q. I have a Triumph Speed Triple 955i on a 2000 plate. My back brake is virtually none existent. I have had it checked and have been told that everything is OK, and that it’s just a common thing with Triumphs.

Is there anything I could do to make this better, or is there a braking system from another bike that will fit and if so what will I need to do this?
Steve Pickett, Warrington

A. They are just about good enough to get through an MoT, but that’s about it in standard form.

A quick fix to improve matters is to make sure that sintered pads are fitted and they are in good condition. If that doesn’t suffice, you can retro-fit the footpeg and brake pedal assembly from the ‘03 Speed Triple.

That will give you the leverage ratio you should have had in the first place, and you can use it with the same master cylinder. Finally, you could go the whole hog and fit the disc, caliper and hanger from a Sprint ST.

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