Suzuki GS500E won’t idle

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Q. I can’t get my Suzuki GS500E to idle on the tickover screw. I either wind it right in, so the throttle is stuck on 4000 revs, or it stalls as I back it off. I have fitted new spark plugs and throttle cables so far.
Mahoneyfish, MCN forums

A. There are three obvious causes of this one. The first is the throttle cables. If you have replaced them there’s a chance the cables are routed differently and you may be pinching one of them between the tank and the frame etc, so make sure they are moving cleanly.

A good way to avoid this is to run the new cable alongside the old BEFORE you remove it, so you don’t lose the routing. Next, there could be unwanted air bleeding into the inlet tract between the carbs and the engine.

This normally happens when the carb rubbers become old and brittle, or you’ve had the carbs off for some reason.

Finally, it could be that your pilot jets are blocked. So if those first two simple tests haven’t solved it you will need to strip the carbs down and give them a good clean out, checking the state of the pilot jet, main jet and the needle too. While they are off, consider fitting new carb rubbers as well.

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