Best tyres for a 2004 Honda Fireblade

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Q. I bought my 2004 Fireblade with Pirelli Corsa IIIs and they seem OK but a little ‘slidy’ on the rear at times (in the damp). I’m trying to decide whether to replace the pair with Corsa IIIs or buy something else?

I ride hard/fast on the road come wet or dry. I ride about 5000 a year but only want to buy tyres once a year, so decent mileage is a must.

I never take my bike on the track. I have used Avons Azaros/Storms, Pilots and Roadsmarts before on a YZF600R but don't know where to go on the Blade.
tsanders, email
A. If you want to stay with Pirellis then the Diablo Rossos are worth a look, although I think the wear rate may be a bit high for you.

Bridgestone’s 023s have found favour on our website and they should do the mileage you want. Other contenders are the Dunlop Roadsmarts, Michelin Pilot Road 2s.


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