Yamaha YBR125 clutch problem

Q. Just recently my YBR125 has started mucking around when it comes to shifting up from first to second. It will eventually go into gear, but only after several de-clutchings and an embarrassing 30 seconds on the road.

All the other changes are OK, up and down the range. It feels like I haven’t pulled the clutch in, yet occasionally it goes through fine. It all works perfectly when at a standstill.

The chain and sprockets are OK and the clutch is adjusted correctly and I haven’t dropped it or worked on that area of the bike.
Blake, MCN forums

A. It seems that the YBR is sensitive to clutch drag caused by the oil. If you go too long between changes or use oil that is a high viscosity that can cause problems, so give it an oil change and don't fill it to the maximum.

We've heard that play in the gearshift shaft can also cause problems, and some owners have made a spacer between the shift lever and engine case to force the shaft into a better position.

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