How do I replace Suzuki SV650's radiator?

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Q. While waiting for my shoulder to heal after a smash I took the radiator off my SV and got it repaired.

What do I need to know about putting it back on? Is it as simple as stick it back on and fill 'er up?
Shanep, MCN forums

A. The most important thing is not to lose the metal spacers that are inside the three rubber mounting points, otherwise it could be out of position and also more vulnerable to cracking from vibration.

Once you’ve bolted it in place and attached the pipes, fill the rad to the top with the right coolant mix and put some mixture into the expansion tank, but only to the lower mark.

Run it up to its operating temperature, checking for leaks, then allow it to cool and top up the tank to halfway between upper and lower level and you should be good to go.

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