Best all-weather tyres for a Honda CBR600F

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Q. I bought an N-plate Honda CBR600F six months ago with Michelin Pilot 1s fitted that arejust about done after 5000 miles and three track days. I will be using the bike mainly for summer riding and a handful of track days in the dry and wet. I am considering replacing them with Dunlops, Michelins or Bridgestones.

I like the thought of the Michelins’ proven wet performance, but will there be a sacrifice over the other two makes in the dry (oh my head hurts)?
Kevin Patterson, Whitley Bay

A. You are right that the Michelins have a slightly better wet-weather performance, while the Dunlops probably offer the best all-round performance. All three sets will give you plenty of mileage on your bike, with up to 8000 miles from a rear.

As for doing track days, if you are going to be in the novice or intermediate groups then the Roadsmart 2s, BT02s or Pilot Road 3 will cope. But if you are going to be in the fast group you need sports tyres.

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