Why are my ZZR1200's brakes sqealing?

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Q. I have recently purchased a Kawasaki ZZR1200. I'm very pleased with it, but I have one annoying problem – the front brake squeals under light operation. I have removed the calipers, and the pistons are free.

I have renewed the brake pads, putting a smear of copper grease on the backplate. The pads are free in the caliper. I have also cleaned the brake discs, in case there was any deposit on them, but I still have the squeal…
David Coomber, email

A. Clean the brake pins and apply copper grease to them as well as the edges of the brake pads where they sit in the caliper. When you cleaned the discs what was their condition? If there are any high spots, grooves or ridges they can set off that squealing.

The brake disc thickness service limit is: 4.5mm. Runout service limit: 0.3mm. You could also consider filing a small 45-degree chamfer on the leading edge of each pad where it meets the disc.

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