ZZR struggles to start from cold

Q. I have a Kawasaki ZZR600 which is still soldiering on, but it is getting harder and harder to start on cold mornings. The battery is pretty new, but there’s not much of a spark at the plugs.

I know that more modern bikes use stick coils that attach directly onto the plugs and I wondered if I could uprate my 600 in the same way?
Liam Chipchase, Leicester
Stick coils deliver a much higher voltage and fatter spark, and on an older bike they can improve engine response and cold starting.

They are pretty straightforward to fit as long as the ohms readings are within range, so you do need a multimeter and a manual to be really sure. Go for some from a newer Kawasaki model like a ZX-10R or ZZR14 as they are apparently a perfect fit.