How often should I change oil on supercharged Hayabusa?

Q. I just splashed the cash with TTS on a Rotrex supercharger for my second generation Hayabusa and it’s gone on pretty well in about a day. Just a bit of a fiddle with the modified headers out of cylinders three and four.

But with 300 horses and 160ftlb of torque on tap now I am not sure how often I should change the engine oil?
Mikey Davis, Duston

A. You did “feel the need” didn’t you? As the oil is the lifeblood of the engine and you are going to be generating a lot more heat if you twist your wrist with all that power on tap, Richard at TTS recommends 2000-mile intervals using good-quality fully synthetic motorcycle oil.

The supercharger’s own lubricant is called traction fluid and that will need replacing annually. Have fun and prepare to change your rear tyre (and underwear) more frequently.

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