How to inflate your tyres

Q. I have only had one issue with my Bandit GSF650, and that is pumping the tyres up to correct level. Petrol stations compressors have that long steel nozzle, which is OK for cars, but the angle to fit over the valve is impossible as the discs are in the way.

So I purchased a cheap foot pump and separate digital gauge, but the foot pump bent all out of shape, so I’ll spend more cash on a sturdy one.

Surely someone with a bit of know-how could develop a connector flexi valve that can be fitted to a garage pump, so bikers can have a relaxed leg, instead of the mad one-legged dance on the drive to get correct pressure.
A. First things first, all quoted tyre pressures are set cold, so checking them after you’ve ridden more than a few miles will give you a too high reading on the forecourt, plus their pressure gauges don’t get recalibrated that often.

Far better to get either a stirrup pump or an electric pump that runs off a car cigarette lighter socket with your separate digital gauge.

If access is still a problem, you can also buy 90 degree valve adapters that fit onto your existing valves, making the job a lot easier. Higher end machines have metal 90 degree valves which makes inflation easier.

When you next have your tyres replaced have some angled metal valves fitted. They will cost you about £6 each but they will be there forever.


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